If your company manufactures one or more energy technology products or solutions, we are confident that our services can well compliment and find the proper market to deploy them. Forming a strategic partnership will grant you the capacity to boost your sales by directly interacting with pre-qualified buyers and independent distributors.

We endeavour to network and partner with leading technology innovators to solve real-world problems, to offer reliable products, systems, and integrated solutions from the world’s most innovative companies.


The resources RET-consulting provides keep our partners a step ahead of the competition, whether you seek for product representation or market entry. Let our technology experts, sales engineers, and strategic alliances help you in identifying your target audience by delivering a complete demand forecast. We leverage our rigorous selection processes and commitment to achieve one common goal: to support our partners' business objectives better.

Energy security in LATAM has been a driving force for energy diversification to limit adverse macroeconomic effects. We have seen an increase in renewable energy investments over the past few years, exceeding the amount of 80 billion USD. Our data analysis gives a significant and competitive lift up in market assessment; we focus on the region’s wealth of knowledge and draw key lessons to identify and capture emerging renewable energy trends and market development.


These success factors are not only necessary to achieve the objective in building value for customers but also to anticipate the potential for a stream of future opportunities.

As a result of our growing buyer members and the focus being positioned on trusted purchasing and cooperation, the Alliance seeks to deliver cost savings through strategic sourcing initiatives to handle emerging issues, in addition to the further implementation of Service Agreements (SA). We are a service based business whose unique purpose is to drive costs down by leveraging the pricing power of aggregated demand while decreasing the burdens placed upon products purchasing.  All SAs will follow a bidding process that will be compliant with the following practices.


  • Obtaining beneficial pricing from vendor partners

  • Reducing the administrative burden on the purchasing processes

  • Simplifying the process for established members

  • Utilise demand aggregation on larger orders

  • Ensure that purchasing decisions are compliant with selected technology solutions

  • Align strategic and operational goals with the best purchasing practices 

The lack of access to funding is a significant barrier between renewable developers and the financial market, and it is affecting the technologies’ and equipment manufacturer supply chain. Additionally, high financing costs for making small purchases is a common practice; frequently public finance institutions lend money at higher rates based on the risk involved.


In order to avoid those high rates in private sector investment and maximise unexpected opportunities, as well as to ensure the continuity of a robust technology supply chain, we rely on our local sales engineers and private equity firms with extensive experiences in the energy market.

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