RET consulting is a commercial and industrial sales engineering company involved in environmental solutions and low-carbon technology. Although we are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we extend our business services internationally as we focus our operations on LATAM and the Caribbean market. We have been conceiving a business structure capable of delivering sustainable sales and earnings growth to improve our partner's financial goals. 


Our company aim is to assist clients in a pipeline of environmental engineering products we represent, as well as applying the best practices and lean processes that effectively lead to positive results and more importantly to tailor-made consulting advice able to adapt to the market's demand.




We have a passion for what we do. We deeply acknowledge our clients' business goals and embrace them as our own. We do not pursue one-time business transactions; our highest honour is to become a trusted source rather than being a close or personal connection and develop a long-lasting relationship. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate our commitment to our clients through responsiveness and quality results.     

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Contribute to the development of the renewable energy value chain, grow a global business, diversify environmental solutions opportunities by simplifying operating model and be a responsible business. As a company, this is what we stand behind.


Cultural values are set and built on honesty, integrity, mutual respect, trust and the highest standards of ethical business conduct. This values has been a cornerstone of our company and will exist for as long as we represent a client.

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