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 Low-Carbon Technologies

 and Sustainable Solutions


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Our comprehensive understanding of the clean energy industry gives us the competitive advantage to access a broad range of manufacturing engineered products, besides unlocking the potential for new commercial opportunities regarding new markets to serve or new technologies to put forward. As a business developer and service provider, we have the know-how, the ability, and the ambition to be part of our customers' value chain; we meet requirements by engaging in the processes before, during and after to tie-up specific needs while selecting energy solutions.


To maximize profit all the way along the chain and overcome the most common obstacles that prevent decision-makers from accessing market-ready technology, we incorporate building value steps that could influence how decisions are made at the purchasing level. Not to mention the integration of active/proactive approaches to tackle challenges directly, which in turn support organizations' strategic goals and commercial performance.


The core dynamic of our business is to rely on associated energy technology manufacturers to facilitate reliable and affordable environmental solutions to potential clients, that entails providing what the purchaser needs at the best possible price point. However, we have the ability to adapt our strategies and resources to save customers’ valuable time and ensure they made the best decision today and in the future.

We are well positioned to achieve great values and implement the best leading practices to sustainable technologies and solutions available in today's marketplace.


RET consulting is a commercial and industrial sales engineering company involved in environmental solutions and low-carbon technology. Although we are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we extend our business services internationally as we focus our operations on LATAM and the Caribbean markets. We have been conceiving a business structure capable of delivering sustainable sales and earnings growth to improve our partners' financial goals. 


Our company aim is to assist clients in a pipeline of environmental engineering products we represent, as well as applying the best practices and lean processes that effectively lead to positive results and more importantly to tailor-made consulting advice able to adapt to the market's demand.



. Manufacturing & Industrial Energy Solutions

. Technology & Solutions Providers

. Wholesale and Distributors

. Project Procurement and Developers

. Investment and Project Financing

. Research and Development

. Technology Assessment

. Removing Surplus Inventory

. Technology Market Trends



LATAM and The Caribbean markets are our prioritized regions to establish commercial relationships and deliver cost-effective technology solutions. We clearly understand the dynamic of a changing market that leads to new business developments. In addition to maintaining a healthy and active collaboration with short and long term partners to ensure market knowledge and insights, we also analyze and pursue new revenue opportunities across the selected territories, including the potential for technology purchasing alliances and distribution agreements negotiations.


Through continuously monitoring market trends, we secure market intelligence data to sustain new energy products diversification, technology solutions availability and distributor channels affiliations. The continent is in a fast growth and expansion of its energy matrix. Therefore, new avenues are essential to keep up with their high demand for green energy project developments and emerging technologies.       




We recognize the significant multi-disciplinary interaction required to execute our daily business consulting successfully. However, with the help of valuable associates and business partners, we became a dedicated B2B sales engineering services provider with a high interest in assisting and serving our customers; we are positioned to deliver a full range of added value in each of these respective areas,


  • System solutions and products presentation from a variety of manufacturers

  • Engineering approach to product, system selection, and designs

  • Service designed to optimize product search based on specific requirements

  • Provide detailed technical information sessions to assist in product selection and solution acquisition.

  • A third party agreement to ensure business accomplishment.

  • An extensive follow-up program to support products and systems sold.

We endeavor to network and partner with leading technology innovators to solve real-world problems, to offer reliable products, systems, and integrated solutions from the world’s most innovative companies.      more info

Market Data Analysis
Technology Partnership
Our data analysis gives a significant and competitive lift up in market assessment; we focus on the region’s wealth of knowledge and draw key lessons to identify and capture emerging renewable energy trends and market development.    more info
We are a service-based business whose unique purpose is to locate opportunities through strategic sourcing initiatives in addition to driving costs down by leveraging the pricing power of aggregated demand while decreasing the burdens placed upon products purchasing.  more info
Purchasing Alliance
Financial Strategies
To achieve project investment as well as to ensure the continuity of a robust renewable technology supply chain, requires a closed collaboration alongside local associates
and private equity firms with extensive experiences in capital markets.
more info
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Go to Market Strategy

The market for renewable energy technologies is currently undergoing a significant reduction in cost per kilowatts. Even though our operational markets offer immense opportunities for success, our partners must gain an edge over the competition no only with innovative and high-performance products but also with a sophisticated and stringent marketing strategy.


Don’t let revenue slip!


Therefore we carefully consider local specifications to map market problems, solutions and expenses while optimizing customer acquisition costs.    more info

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